R744 is the standard nomenclature used for CO2 as refrigerant. R744 refrigerant is eco-friendly solution for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems

Increasing environmental concerns focused the interest onto R744 used as refrigerant

Teklab products for R744 applications
This growing interest about usage of R744 refrigerant is heavily supported in some European countries by government’s legislation and taxes reduction policies. Usage of R744 in refrigeration systems requires changes to the system design compared with standard HFC refrigerant schemes.
The higher working pressure levels and thermodynamic properties of R744 refrigerant lead system designers also towards cascade systems.
In low temperature section R744 refrigerant is used as a direct expanding medium while for the medium temperature stage more than one solution could be adopted.
The compressors for R744 systems need to have the capability of handling higher pressure levels, higher mass flow and of course need proper lubrication.
Also level monitoring in liquid receivers - which in some system designs work with higher pressure values - need reliable devices.
Starting from this point Teklab is involved in this evolution since many years and offers solutions for the level managing in R744 high pressure and extreme temperature cooling systems.
Teklab devices are designed for use in level monitoring applications for the control of oil or R744 refrigerant for transcritical or subcritical systems.

The main features to highlight for R744 applications of TEKLAB products are:
  • total absence of mechanical moving parts, (high reliability level monitoring);
  • possibility to combine the temperature management with Level switch in one unit;
  • high pressure resistance up to 150 Bar;
  • high temperature resistance up to 125 °C;
  • well consolidated steel with fused glass technology ensures no leakage and good chemical compatibility with R744 refrigerant and the different kinds of oil used;
  • many installations worldwide of products in transcritical or subcritical applications
CO2 oil level sensor K25CO2 oil level sensor LC XPCO2 oil level controller TK3 60 barCO2 oil level controller TK3 100 bar
K25 4-20mA liquid level sensor
LC XP liquid level sensor for high pressure systems
TK3 60bar oil level regulator
TK3 100bar oil level regulator
TEKLAB is leader in optical level switches and oil level controllers; Teklab produce a wide range of liquid level sensors based on digital technology in their portfolio in order to meet the growing market demand.